All genders, races, abilities, ages (18+) and backgrounds welcomed.


"The Little Red House"

644 W Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32804


1st Thursday of each month from 6PM-7:30PM 


Self-Love Club

Self-Love Club is a safe, non-judgmental environment for all bodies and all genders to explore positive relationships with their bodies and selves with other peers working towards doing the same.

Self-Love Club groups are centered around issues of self-acceptance, unpacking unhealthy beauty standards, exploring how these issues can affect our relationships with food, striving towards acceptance of self and challenging constructs that have limited our ability to love ourselves.

Meet the Facilitator

Allie Santeler

"My personal challenges with body image and self-esteem are what motivated me to launch this group. Growing up in a larger body that society deemed unacceptable took a huge toll on how I viewed my own worth. Over the last few years, after having discovered body positivity and fat activism, I am now considerably more confident and comfortable with myself than ever before.

Self Love Club is a group in which I share my challenges with others while facilitating a safe space for others to share their stories as well. There is room for celebration and appreciation of all bodies! Outside of being a peer supporter and facilitator, I am an RN, BSN working at a women and babies hospital. I also love to take Zumba classes, read a book by the pool, and cook yummy dinners with a glass of wine."


In This Group We:

  • Are accepting of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, backgrounds, and body types. 
  • Are non-judgemental of others and respectful of each other's time to share with the group.
  • Are vulnerable, open-minded, and open to making new friends in the group.
  • Are a safe, confidential space and agree not to share personal information outside of the group.

Self-Love Club Online

For digital support online in between groups check out Self-Love Club Online. This is a great resource to share memes, support one another, and plan social activities with peers.