All LGBTQIA+ Identifying Asians


The Center

946 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803


2nd Friday of Each Month

6:30 - 8:00 PM



Lotus is a group led for and by the Asian LGBTQ+ in Central Florida. The group aims to forge community for all Asian LGBTQ+ communities by creating a space to get together to form friendships as we discuss a multitude of topics; some as heavy as the pressures of expectation to light topics like our favorite food. 

This space was created because there is a lack of mental health spaces that are culturally cognizant of the Asian communities unique challenges.

While we acknowledge that "Asian" is an umbrella term encompassing many subcultures. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone while avoiding beliefs rooted in ethnicism, colorism, or classism. This group welcomes all those of all Asian backgrounds including, but not limited to, those that are biracial, adopted, or immigrants. Those of all sexual orientations, genders, ages, and disabilities as well as those of diverse neurological, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds are welcomed. 

You do not need to share to attend. Your role as a supportive listener is equally as important. 

For more information, please contact: Danielle@peersupportspace.org

In This Group We...

Welcome all genders & sexual orientations

Welcome snacks, especially those that are unique to your culture.

Accept all those who are out, in the closet, questioning, or just along for the ride. 

Are non-judgmental and uplifting

Are not a dating service; we are friends who allow ourselves to be vulnerable

Allow all individuals to have a chance to speak 

Keep things anonymous unless given consent to share

Are mindful that everyone’s situations are unique and embrace differences with compassion

About the Facilitator

Meet Bryant

"I was born and raised in the greater Washington DC area. I moved to the Central Florida region for school but have always seen the needs for groups to address the needs of the LGBTQ+ Asian populous. Despite growing up Vietnamses, i want this group to recognize and value all asians no matter their background. I have always seen the issues that face Asian LGBTQ+ individuals both personally and through conversations with my other Asian LGBTQ+ friends, issues that we felt we couldn’t talk in our normal friend group about. Having a group collectively recognize an issue and realize that those issues don’t just face the individual can be a powerful healing tool. Lotus was formed as a need in order to not only bring together the diverse Asian LGBTQ+ community together, but also to help cope with systemic issues that uniquely challenged the LGBTQ+ Asian population."