Non-binary, Gender Non-Conforming, Gender diverse folk, and those questioning.


The Center 946 N. Mills Ave


1st Monday of Every Month from 7:00 - 8:00 PM

About GenderQueer


 A gathering which provides gender queer individuals and allies a safe space for open dialogue, connection and information on the topic of non-binary gender and identity. We welcome those that are gender queer and would like to build support and friendships with other individuals who identify as gender queer.  Your stories and questions are welcome. There is no pressure to share, we welcome all levels of participation.  

Register at: genderqueer.eventbrite.com

In This Group We:

  • Welcome each other as chosen family
  • Honor each other's stories with non-judgement and confidentiality
  • Celebrate genuine curiosity and exploration  

Meet the Facilitator

Tisse Mallon

 Tisse Mallon is the founder and director of the Elar Institute, a school for emotional intelligence. They believe emotional intelligence is at the core of peaceful humanity; realizing we are all connected - part of an organism that either thrives or suffers as a whole. 

From the time Tisse was 3 years old, they remember not identifying with gender and growing up without any evidence of others who felt this way. Tisse is committed to bringing this resource to Orlando so that they along with others may have a space full of understanding and shared experience. Tisse identifies as human.