Anyone with a chronic physical condition, a mobility impairment, or that is differently abled. 


3001 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 

Room 106


3rd Tuesday of Each Month from 6:30-8PM

About Diversability


In a world that often doesn’t make room for us, this group is a space for us to feel a sense of comfort and belonging. It’s a chance to meet others like you, who can relate to what you may be going through. Diversability is for people with a chronic physical condition, a mobility impairment, or that are differently abled. People who need or want assistance are welcome to bring someone to join them during the group’s meetings, but otherwise this group is closed to only patrons for whom the group is meant. Be prepared to participate in an open discussion on a different topic each month. We welcome you to come and just be in the space with us, there is no need to share anything to attend, your role as a supportive listener is equally as important. Our focus is around discussing daily life, having a safe space to vent and air grievances, discussing topics relevant to our community, celebrating our diverse abilities, while creating friendships with like-minded peers. 

Register at: diversabilitygroup.eventbrite.com 

In This Group We:

  • Always accept new members
  • Are accepting of all body types, abilities, ages, sexual orientations, genders, and backgrounds.
  • Respect any and all accommodations that are needed to be made.
  • Welcome all levels of physical abilities
  • Keep things confidential 
  • Are non-judgmental and understand that all of our stories are different

Meet the Facilitator!


Isabella Giannosa

 Isabella Giannosa is the 22-year-old owner of Basically Wonderful Productions. 

She aims to create events that benefit and raise awareness for various marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQ+.

 Isabella is also now the Volunteer Coordinator for The One Orlando Alliance. 

Join Isabella every 3rd Tuesday of the month at  

3001 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 

Room 106 for Diversability!

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