About Us

About Us

Peer Support Space Inc. is a grassroots organization, led by and for those in recovery from mental health challenges, trauma, grief, substance use issues, or other obstacles to wellness. We use, and help others use, the power of lived experience to support, educate, and guide one another while providing additional, free options for mental wellness. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build, and be a local hub for, diverse peer-led recovery communities.

Our Core Values

  • Hope: Promoting the understanding that recovery is possible.
  • Inclusivity: Intentionally creating an atmosphere and programming that is encompassing and welcoming to those of all sexual orientations, genders, ages, and disabilities as well as for those of diverse neurological, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Innovation: Using evidence-based research, while still pushing limits to be creative in building new ways to educate, advocate, and achieve mental wellness and advocacy.
  • Mutuality: Certified Recovery Peer Specialists and peers share a collaborative, empathetic relationship where they are both respected as equals.
  • Self-determination: A strong belief that individuals should be the “drivers” of their recovery journey including treatment choices and that we are here as supportive guides.


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